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You’d have thought it would have been impossible for anyone to improve on ice-cream. How can you make something that is already so perfect even better? In a word: toppings. Toppings are the perfect partner for rich, creamy ice cream, adding flavor and texture that can completely change your ice cream eating experience.

Take a look at some of the country’s favorite ice cream flavors, and the type of toppings we think complement them the best.


Vanilla ice cream

Vanilla ice cream is a great choice for people who are really into their toppings. This is because vanilla ice cream has a simple flavor palate, so it is a perfect match for practically any ice cream topping you could think of.

The sweet, simple taste of vanilla is the perfect backdrop for anything from caramel syrup to rainbow sprinkles to gummy bears.


Coconut ice cream

Coconut is an increasingly trendy food item these days. Think about how many celebrities you’ve seen pictured sipping on coconut water, or how many health food specialists tout the miraculous health benefits of coconut oil. And coconut ice cream is also becoming increasingly popular.

Chocolate of all kinds works well with coconut, so liberal application of chocolate sauce and chocolate biscuits, like Oreos, is advised. If you’re a really big fan of coconut, you could even put some toasted coconut on your coconut ice cream to show your dedication.


Lemon ice cream

Citrus ice cream with a sour kick like lemon or lime can be a godsend when you need some refreshment on a hot summer’s day, but the sharp taste can make it difficult to pick a topping that really compliments it well.

As with most things in life, you can’t go wrong with chocolate, which works as a great topping for lemon ice cream, and a thick, sweet raspberry sauce compliments it as well.


Chocolate ice cream

It is a pretty safe bet that most people are experts when it comes to the taste of chocolate. Like vanilla, chocolate is a really versatile flavor that works well with almost any topping you can think of. Toasted coconut works great. Salted caramel sauce is delicious. Even maraschino cherries work a treat!

If you want to show off your foodie credentials, try scattering a bit of basil on top of your chocolate ice cream. It may sound strange, or even off putting if you’ve never tried it before, but those in the know swear basil and chocolate are a match made in heaven.


Coffee ice cream

There are those of us who believe that there is no such thing as too much coffee, and will gladly sip a cup of coffee while eating some coffee ice cream.

For those of us who prefer a little more variety on our palette, coffee ice cream tastes great with any chocolate based topping, and also works really well with orange or hazelnuts.


Be experimental

Remember, the above is all meant to serve only as a guide, and everybody’s taste buds are different. So experiment! Try different combinations and find which ones you like the best. As if you needed an excuse to eat more ice cream, right?


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