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There are certain dishes and recipes that become so beloved and well known that they become permanently, symbolically tied to the places they come from. Japan and sushi, Italy and pizza, England and fish & chips, the list goes on.

America is lucky enough to have a number of dishes that have this connection, such as hot dogs, apple pie and, of course, the ultimate scoop of Americana: the ice cream sundae.

We all know it, almost all of us love it, the traditional ice cream sundae has been a delicious feature of our lives for generations, and is now a beloved sweet served throughout the world.

To whet your appetite, have a look at what we think makes the ice cream sundae so great:


The History of the Sundae

Though everyone can agree that the ice cream sundae is quintessentially American, it’s hard to pin down any further specifics about the dish’s origin.

Some say the sundae was created in Wisconsin in the 19th century, when the owner of Berners’ Soda Fountain was asked to drizzle chocolate syrup over some ice cream. The owner agreed and began selling the dish for a nickel – but only on Sundays, hence the name.

Others believe the sundae originated in Illinois, as an alternative to ice cream sodas, which were banned from being sold on Sundays in 1890. In order to get around this ban, clever confectioners began serving ice cream with syrups but no soda on Sundays, thus obeying the new law and creating the ice cream sundae.

These are just two of many contrasting theories as to how and when the sundae was first created.


The classic sundae

A classic sundae is served in its very own sundae glass:  a tulip shaped, footed glass or plastic container.

When it comes to possible flavors of ice cream, the traditional flavor of vanilla works the best. This is because vanilla is a great base flavor that compliments almost any type of sundae topping imaginable.

Speaking of toppings, this is where the real fun of sundaes starts, with an almost endless number of varieties to choose from. Classic sauces include chocolate, cherry and of course hot fudge. There are also more modern creations, such as salted caramel and even pumpkin pie sundaes for those who are feeling the fall spirit. The perfect thing about sundaes is they can be tailored to what you specifically like.

Once the fudge has been added the rest of the toppings can be added. Whether you like rainbow sprinkles, coconut flakes, or chopped nuts, just don’t forget to add lots of whipped cream for the ultimate indulgent taste!

Finally, no ice cream sundae would be complete without the sweet red maraschino cherry placed on top, stem and all. All you need after that is a spoon and your appetite!

If all this talk of sundaes has got your taste buds salivating, then visit Picc’s Ice Cream and get your sugar fix today!

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