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Though trends change weekly, Ice cream has been a popular treat for centuries. The founding President George Washington reportedly spent around $200 on ice cream in the summer of 1790. Today, this would amount to over $5,000. Once a delicacy for the wealthy, the rise of the industrial age made Ice cream available to everyone and it quickly became America’s favorite treat. Today, ice cream is a multi-billion dollar industry and the profits continue to rise. You might wonder, how can something that’s been around for so long continue to not only stay relevant, but to also continue thriving? The answer is ingenuity.

Today’s ice cream is nothing like the creamy ice treat that our ancestors enjoyed. Now, we’ve not only expanded to hundreds of flavors, but have also added chunks of other treats like almonds and chocolate. We’ve come into an age where the ice cream possibilities are endless. While vanilla ice cream may always be the crowd favorite, it’s certainly not the only option. Here are some trends to look forward to in the coming season:

Artisan Ice cream
Artisan ice cream has already risen to popularity, but the demand continues to grow. With all-things-retro trending, ice cream is no exception. In the coming summer months, foodies will be scouring for house-made, authentic treats. There’s nothing like traditional Italian gelato or an ice cream sundae from an old-fashioned soda parlor.

Tropical and International Flavors
Tropical flavors will go far and beyond bananas and mangoes. Ice cream makers and eaters alike are searching for that unique fruit that will change the game. Passion fruit, guava, dragon fruit, and so many more flavors will be on the table. Ice cream makers are reaching beyond the boarders to find new and exciting ice creams.

More and more attention is being drawn towards the state of our public health. As the concern grows for what we put in our bodies, the market grows for healthy versions of our favorite foods. All-natural, organic, and locally sourced ice cream is in high demand and ice cream makers are looking for ways to make our favorite desserts better and healthier by using natural sweeteners, healthier bases (like goat milk instead of cow’s milk), and organic flavors.

There is no limit to what an ice cream maker can do. Any flavor imaginable can be turned into an ice cream from sweet corn to horseradish (it really exists). Whether or not these flavors sound intuitively good, they can be made, and are being made. We’ll see more plant-based flavors like lavender and honeysuckle. We’ll also see more savory flavors like bacon as opposed to the traditional sweet selections. Who knows, Sweet potato ice cream with candied peas might be your new favorite flavor.

Piccs Ice Cream Moosic

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